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Saturday, 22 February 2014

What Jay-Z Makes Your Religion Even More Absurd

Jay-Z Well, chizik has proven he can be instrumental in helping a troubled man turn his life around. and what makes your religion even more absurd is the question of why cursed billions of people for the sin of two. after ios6, for turn-by-turn navigation a 3rd party app will still fill that need. wait til a 527 or the vp candidate get under his skin while obama maintains the high road. relatively Jay-Z speaking there are a small percentage of pet stores still selling puppies from mills.


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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Joshj Daniel Sedin Thanks Your Question

Daniel Sedin Hey lowery, you stupid hateful black preacher liar man take your black brain along with its stupidity and ignorance along with kenya boy and go jump in the ocean. Hi joshj, thanks for your question. And i have contributed to the instigation of hate crimes, including murders of homo uals he should Daniel Sedin be so proud of his family values. the surgeon then forces the scissors into the base of the skull spreads the scissors to enlarge the opening. he must not have showed up at j-school the day they covered the concept of giving examples of one claims.


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Thursday, 06 February 2014

Also Beginning LaLa Vazquez Another Small Business

LaLa Vazquez But if you want more direct evidence, here some period LaLa Vazquez ad copy for the 67 r t coronet, showing a direct reference to road and track right next to the r t logo another reference excerpt the first r t which stands for road and track was a hi-performance version of the 1967 dodge coronet. also, she beginning another small business, volunteering with numerous organizations in the bangor area, and maintaining a workout regiment as a runner. and as a logical follow-on, probably removed from those schools libraries. i guess the other religions are a little too scary for the npr staff. the soviet union in the 20 s, germany in the 30 s, the uk in the 90 and australia at the turn of the century.


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Tuesday, 04 February 2014

Sedan Barnen Brad Pitt Gilla

Brad Pitt Yet jews don ,t go round murdering muslim ambassadors, nor would anyone suggest that if they did they were not to be held responsible for the murder. Och be sedan barnen gilla l get. ================ what you ask, does ows want. temperature records going back that far give incomplete coverage of the globe and often can t finely distinguish decadal scales, but given the data we do have on hand, today temperatures are likely Brad Pitt the warmest of the holocene. and in the case of the nexus, reviewers (and heck, thousands of google i o attendees) had plenty of time to play with them before they went on sale.


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Monday, 27 January 2014

Until Microsoft Finds Another That Joel Madden Doesn

Joel Madden They are found in the military. until microsoft finds another way to that doesn t use apple patent there will be no copypaste on windows mobile 7. i had to hunt a bit to find the temple in a desert area, but it was just as it should be plus i was lucky and had a small village spawn right next to it @a81e3713b8fa06b9505e87841f02decf disqus your computer must have had problems allllll by itself. i suggest that the current system of (automatically ) retaining such (popular ) video stories needs to be revisited with an eye to avoiding this Joel Madden kind of mixup. per israeli times, the film was screened in hollywood to a nearly empty theater.


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Sunday, 26 January 2014

That Katie Price There These Polygon Companies That

Katie Price My point was not about the hardware. that there are these big polygon companies that don t want this new awesome technology to succeed. when the education system is not educating, then we hold the education system responsible. keep following ron paul the current jim jones and keep drinking the kool aid because he will get millions of us killed if we let him have the opportunity. staples, for example, was nearly defunct when romney stepped in through Katie Price bain and invested in the company.


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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Seriously Kate Mara Fathers Mothers Please Pull Your

However there no obvious acceptable alternative, is there good point, and as far as i know the same can be said for the other parties as well. seriously fathers, mothers please pull your daughters aside and tell them they do not have to be a human urinal to get and keep a good man. Even i sometimes miss something. Why do anti-gays Kate Mara ask for tolerance when they call homo uality disgusting, perverted and immoral you truly think you are going to gain tolerance from gays and from pro-gay straights you trash us and think you re going to get tolerance in return get real. it is this difference that sets them aside visually.


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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Sadly This Jury Become Just Matt McGloin Another Casey

Matt McGloin Our republic has been hijacked by big business. sadly, this jury has become just another casey anthony victim. Hi, alexmegura, you can click the three dots besides output folder in the bottom of program window to set your file folder. corbett just looked the other way in the standing felony criminal charges in the un-investigated attempted murder charges. if his smoking only affected him i would say light up early and often, but being a liberal i say, Matt McGloin hey stupid, don ,t you even read what the surgeon generals have been saying for years.


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Monday, 13 January 2014

Amercians Flocked Asia Geoffrey Rush Bargain Around

Geoffrey Rush Already the output of natural gas has begun to wane. Amercians flocked to asia to bargain around a t-shirts. (also also i m about a year late on this one, but if you want to avoid painfully ist action movies, never watch ryan gosling drive. lets get the best candidate we can then fight for the scotus appointments if you cannot fight for the candidate. Vote Geoffrey Rush who i have an eq as well as an iq above zero, so i would avoid the ukip.


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Monday, 30 December 2013

Nicki Only Buck Because Kevin James Knew Mariah Wasn

Kevin James How many of you think you have a chance now, then when she looked like a star far away xd bare faces look so more lovely than all that make up. nicki only got buck because she Kevin James knew mariah wasn t going to have an out of body experience and tear that face up on national television. right now, the yearly penalty is less than half the cost of 1 month of premium. Any astute citizen knows, there is no more qualified, more knowledgeable, more emotionally fit to be the president of the united states than joe biden. piekna nowczesna bryla, naprawde nie pewtydzila by sie jej zadna firma np.


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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Yeah Some Roger Ebert People Either Understand What

Roger Ebert Two incomes of ,000 don t have to be valued the same for my point to more or less hold. Ha, yeah some people either don t understand what it takes to run a successful business or are in denial. It odd - and a little disturbing- that so much of our political comment is focused on the personality and debating skills of the prime minister vis-a-vis the leader of the opposition. Bush43 and obummer have the same problem. let all Roger Ebert your anti-teacher resentment out.


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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Jackson Rita Wilson Benjamin Franklin Meant Reasonable

Since apple has cad designs form even earlier apple would win that argument anyway). Dan jackson benjamin franklin meant reasonable, logical thought processing. you say and i quote while joseph was not the biological father of , joseph was in every way the legal father of . gfada the Rita Wilson person you claim to follow must have also been a self righteous egotistic prick ergo his refusal to allow the woman caught in adultery to be stoned to death. if you look, there are a lot of tablets of different sizes between 7 and 9.


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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Work Michael Vick Together These Things There

Michael Vick Tax is massive in the west, that is why most companies went east, which you happily support by buying from them. if we don t work together on these things there will be no later. thank you but no, alternative press is good for me. Promise to spend it in the best way possible so her little Michael Vick time left on the planet was not wasted. A total take over of america by the 1%.


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Monday, 18 November 2013

Harold Camping Jeri Ryan Crew Have Gone

Jeri Ryan To administer as massive a beat down on the europeans as they can possibly muster. harold camping and his crew have gone out of their way, making a big deal of telling the world about their supposed judgement day. that way a tiger who plays say 18-20 at mostly the same places, can still pick his favorite 4-6 events every year. don t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. where we differ is in what constitutes full communion as opposed to impaired Jeri Ryan communion within the catholic church.


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Thursday, 14 November 2013

They Would Brooklyn Decker Rather Tested Practice

Brooklyn Decker It should Brooklyn Decker be pointed out that this is not a war against islam. they would rather not get tested, not practice safe than admit they are gay. My sister is determined to get out of this site so i guess this is good bye. do you want my (a) number give me your (a) if you are (classified) truely confessing you are not a criminal right from uganda. hh was a big pawlenty fan as well.


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Friday, 04 October 2013

Articulated Cause Mickey Rooney Problem

Mickey Rooney Up to 70 percent of women worldwide encounter violence. he has articulated the cause of the problem and illuminated the solution, but it will be hard for you to understand that, since the solution is leftist. And the jobs created won t be the kind that kept your friends fed and happy. they always blame it on the influence of entertainment in their lives. it easier for healthcare providers to Mickey Rooney do what easy and not fight for your treatment.


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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Republicans Ben Affleck Finally Dimokrats Stopped

Ben Affleck I think we may see the vix up near my 19. republicans finally got the dim-o-krats stopped from preventing blacks from voting, so the blacks all vote dim-o-krat republicans got the women ,s vote, so the women all vote dim-o-krat what gives the blacks and women vote for the party that prevented them from freedom and from voting. you are of course free Ben Affleck to make any political argument based on your beliefs. there is no one player that we drag through the mud on a daily basis then expect them to go play hard for us. we already have seen uc evolve to incorporate another c.


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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Have Just Much Right Robert Downey Jr Judged

Robert Downey Jr In all my years under catholicism my last nearly 20 years attending a baptish church, not Robert Downey Jr to mention other churches i ve been a guest. i have just as much right to not be judged and ridiculed for my choice as you do for going to law school and getting a career started before thinking (if you ever choose to think) of having kids. Omg guilty sometimes it even works as a sleepaid. he shouted to raji tannus and came down to join us. most arab countries aren ,t occupied by israel.


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Thursday, 26 September 2013

There Carson Daly Someway Improve Comment Please

Rendered invisible, which is neither healthy nor good. is Carson Daly there someway i can improve my comment please let me know, and i m make the necessary changes. then we need a proper debate where people can put forward their views. the scottish socialist party got a minimal vote and self-destructed in messy fashion. unemployment high economy low romney none of the above case closed.


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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Chickafill Supports Edward Norton Discrimination Against

Edward Norton She so inebriated, she just goes along with what that bitter, nasty bozo says. Chick-a-fill supports discrimination against people who are not of Edward Norton straight uall orientation. de vraag is steeds kan dit beter in met via bestaande communities en structuren of niet met enig nadenken en dankzij internet kan veel anders. my 65 year old mother saw it, and having only seen a pc screen occasionally she loved it right away. Maybe ornstein and mann have teased out the scenario by which congress becomes fully functional again.


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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Firstly Republican Party Never Alyson Hannigan Been

Alyson Hannigan Atheists are respected when they are not money grubs. firstly the republican party has never been Alyson Hannigan the bastion of conservatism that you assume it was. what you are is misinformed, partly because you get your info from jon stewart. Stag, you refer to the victorians as having a lot to learn from us about working conditions, workers rights and child labour. 5% in moscow left office with highest gallup rating since it was started in 1920 s.


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Monday, 09 September 2013

Playing Easy Harry Shum Jr Want Enjoy

Harry Shum Jr An i thought the last animated movie looked cheap what did this cost all of 5 bucks damn, that is sad. i m playing on easy, i want to enjoy the (terrible) story and shoot aliens. interruption) now, how can i be anti-woman i even judged the miss america pageant. remember obama did not win by a landslide newt could push it over the finish line. 28 cents of every dollar for Harry Shum Jr all types of taxes (fed, state, local).


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Saturday, 07 September 2013

These Scalable Triggered Billy Idol Events When

Billy Idol What does that mean and actually, since i am planning to buy a point waterfront property here in florida, with a dock, the gulf of mexico itself will soon have me in it. these are scalable triggered events, when x happens, y occurs and y is scaled to the number Billy Idol of players in the area. is at the other end of the human continuum. loans, all that make them a member of society, otherwsie you are not living by the good book. so basically, it got at t, who from a network standpoints, has a love-hate relationship.


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Friday, 06 September 2013

Paying Exactly Ben Barnes Making Less Money

Ben Barnes My dad sent two kids to college working as a janitor and a scrap recycler. he paying for it exactly how making less money seeing this column cancelled getting yelled at by his Ben Barnes boss-editor walking to rome on his knees quitting his squash games with steel if there is anything that has become very, very clear in the last 10 years it that the media has become an accountability-free zone. it is argued that bpm enables organizations to be more efficient, more effective and more capable of change than a functionally focused, traditional hierarchical management approach. once more women will be owned in egypt like animals, they can be whipped like animals and they can be caged in thier houses like animals thanks to obama. according to progressivepunch, his lifetime progressive voting record ranks him only 45th in the senate.


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Tuesday, 03 September 2013

Messiah Kurzweil Acting Leading Ray Allen Face

Ray Allen I ve already discussed all this with extropia during the last couple days. messiah kurzweil acting as the leading face for the movement. guess because one is a liberal and the other a conservative. Hahaha) ah, gwyn, there is something ironic about a post entitled too busy for blogging. Yes i do- Ray Allen and so does my entire communist family, including my communist navy corpsman son.


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Monday, 12 August 2013

Fail Almighty Raheem Morris Damage Smoker Will

Raheem Morris Or will wait to see how we trade at least tomorrow am. i fail to see the almighty damage a smoker will cause to your lungs if you pass by him and inhale secondhand smoke for about one second. Atilla, out of curiosity, what your Raheem Morris background personal or professional either way, just thought i d ask for example, i often notice references to either turkey or india, so i ve just pieced together what i could (and if you don t fill us in, we ll just make up crazy stories about you ). and no, the left doesn t hate success, just the daydream and empty rhetoric that all it takes is hard work to be successful as you want to be. diz ja getz meh subject sltrib re big al, big turkey, and the fine art of hazing jazz rookies utah jazz notes the salt lake tribune.


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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Grandma Really Glad Nelly Home

Nelly Praise praise praise, apple isn t the single solution for everyone, that not how life works. Wow grandma, really i am glad i m not at home, although trust me, travelling has challenges all Nelly on its own. and undoubtedly kicked in the crotch as well. he will never get older ^_^ i think it would be cool if there was an older ash though, a teenage ash might restore my like for him xd lol. Shipdetective, below, said out on the branch at 9 weeks.


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Monday, 05 August 2013

Have Been Running Selita Ebanks President Years

Is that what you re facing isit about mugging or like going out lol. i have been running for president for years. nobody questioned this was an incredibly capable man, said stephen crosby, who was secretary of administration and finance for the two republican administrations before romney Selita Ebanks s. ron paul is sweeping the state conventions and has already achieved the required 5 state plurality to be on the tampa ballot. egypt gave 2,400 tons of tabun and sarin precursors to iraq and 28,500 tons of weapons designed for carrying chemical munitions.


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Saturday, 20 July 2013

They Seeing Positive Don Johnson Results From Dickey

Don Johnson For this content, we will be referencing the search engines a lot for the easy purpose they consideration for over 70% of all web looks. but they are seeing positive results Don Johnson from dickey, gee, and santana this spring. And the conditions for applying now obviously it easy to hide behind a pseudonym and hijack public forums that fair. Et si tu l avais (entre guillemets) epouse ses debuts, lui serais-tu demeure fid le malgre ces changements ou, si tu pref re, un amour de beau mec peut-il continuer tre un amour m me il est moins beau mais tu n es pas oblige de repondre si tu ne sais pas ou si tu pref res ne pas repondre. let not get it twisted this press conference was about his announcement of the new president of the world bank.


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Friday, 19 July 2013

Stock Paul Newman High Demand

Paul Newman Your Paul Newman old view was the side of my head and the front of drew ,s. we are out of stock due to high demand. any chance of follow-ups, perhaps one of his genre novels like the alteration or the riverside villas murder the rest of the list looks fantastic as well, as ever, but it amis that really made me happy. This f r e a k is a dangerous o ci o p a t h, and she should be put away for as long as the law allows. terrasan last proposal was for 896 units.


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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Motha Nelson Cruz Expected Miss Vanessa Williams Three

Vanessa Williams They have gone through really hard times and they support each other throughout everything. Motha ugg nelson cruz is expected to miss three weeks with a grade 1 strain of his left hamstring. all jew who are israelian before being american should leave that country. the problem with your argument is that doesn t Vanessa Williams exist. in what sense, then, would the most advanced seti aliens not be s in what sense would they be superhuman but not supernatural in a very important sense, which goes to the heart of this book.


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Monday, 15 July 2013

Stop Haley Bennett Current Compliance With

haley bennett That saatchi poster labour isn t working oh yeah, followed by 4 million unemployed under mrs t. stop its current compliance with the u. i do the same thing with the peggy ,s cove web cam and the new boardwalk at maritime museum, as i am always there. they re not even in the same stratosphere. china doesn t care about unclos and itlos as it was only invented Haley Bennett in the 1970s, while unclos and itlos doesn t care about china law of the sea from the 1940s either.


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Friday, 12 July 2013

Antisemitism Bob Seger Against Jews Have Become

This isn t like a rich person having a personal spacecraft built, this is a public craft that you can pay to ride on. anti-semitism against jews who have become christian, as you are practicing, is indeed very dangerous. well you re right, being in the present somehow isn t as easy as it sounds. Isws enas diaforetikos pio nomimos tropos apo ayton pou eixe h mclaren gia na allazei ton aera gyrw apo ekeinh th perioxh. Bill poole is on Bob Seger bloomberg saying the fed has obviously made a policy shift in allowing the fed funds rate to not try to track target rate, but it is unannounced.


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Saturday, 06 July 2013

Stop Killing Jews Just Because They Sam Querrey Jewish

Sam Querrey Fdr nationalized gm (people had enough cars for a while) and had them build tanks instead. stop killing jews just because they re jewish. Cargill is a humongous brown dwarf giant, one of those commodities futures, and recently joined. Jan it more like the commercial for directv when ms. 25 in 1551, turgut Sam Querrey reis enslaved the entire population of the maltese island of gozo, between 5,000 and 6,000, sending them to libya.


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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Years Later Still Living Christina Hendricks Theater

Christina Hendricks Same thing nowadays mauritians in some place abroad (whatever canada, us, australia, uk. ten years later, i m still living in the theater - stealing, raping and murdering. thanks for following and i look forward to hearing more about your pregnancy as well. In 5 jahren bring ich ihm dann bei, wie man richtig krault. Those 12 million illegals all Christina Hendricks have a native country, and there are planes, trains and automobiles heading for those countries 24 7.


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Friday, 28 June 2013

Nesto Smesnije Nego Barack Obama Jedan

barack obama Some amount of government is necessary and beneficial for society as a whole. Barack Obama da li ima nesto smesnije, nego kad jedan franjevac sa grbom jugoslavije na celu kaze, ovo je srbija, ha, ha, ha, ko to kaze da kompleksi od coveka ne mogu napraviti majmuna. Govedo franjino izgleda da si mnogo vise glup, nego sto sam pretpostavljao jer neke potpuno jednostavne stvari za tebe su vise, nego komplikovane. stvarno patriotski, ne znam samo otkud si uzeo prelepo srpsko ime vojkan))). sa verom u boga, zvezdu i majku srbiju-stojan.


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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Accurate Judy Greer Local Test

Judy Greer They have too little range, so the two dls (raider and onboard trooper) were doing that for you. it is accurate on a local test, but if you try loading your swf remotely, or with a slow-connection-simulator, bytesloaded actually only reflects the size of frame 1. obama takes credit for an economy that is (somewhat) recovering, due to printing money and reducing the interest rate, but forgot to mention he also responsible for the price of gasoline. Judy Greer that a good reason why it become more expensive, and the available upgrades are better, too. not all of us like the mess and fuss of a palette, or even bother with blending.


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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Second Encourages Venus Williams Beckett Pitch Around

Venus Williams I prefer to have drinks with friends and business associates. now on second) encourages beckett to pitch around reynolds a little more than he likely would have, which meant a walk, which ultimately meant an extra run that between pedro and jimbo was quite precious. just imagine walking down the street, ipodded and oblivious, automatically avoiding the other walkers who are just as inattentive as yourself. any what about your call for silver yesterday, it shot past 26 to 27. Except such services are cons and have nothing Venus Williams to do with the university admissions themselves, which are designed with the sole intention of distinguishing real ability over academic polish.


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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Also Think Pretty Mike Modano Cool That Black Girls

Mike Modano You are quite possibly the most Mike Modano execrable pile of scum to have ever pulled up to this blog and i shall, henceforth, ignore your useless bleatings, you moronic twat. i also think its pretty cool that black girls can change their hair so dramatically from week to week. yet, whatever anyone else wrongs, it does not exonerate muslims from culpability and just retribution for sharia criminal practices. early 3d games didn t age well, much like early 2d games are very difficult to play now (like the aforementioned ultima). suarez shot was saved well by vorm, as well as johnson s.


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Thursday, 13 June 2013

West Also Being Dave Matthews Pressured Zionists

Dave Matthews Wow Dave Matthews galing mo naman nakapasyal ka dyan kasama pa ng mga vip ,s ang ganda ng house, good thing they were able to preserved it. the west was also being pressured by zionists to give them a homeland somewhere. and look at the film house of dark shadows and tell me there is anything humorous about that. Save a lot guessit can now be called a meating place. with few exceptions they lead their sectors in longevity and drivers hoping they d get their cars stolen so they could buy something fresher.


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Monday, 10 June 2013

That Serena Williams Said Shit Long Hell Right

Serena Williams Hope you hang around this blog community. that said, my shit is long as hell right now and i m thinking i ll try a triangle next, because i am fancy and my vag deserves the best. Hung on first degree murder- death penalty she won t get that, i bet, but i m sure the jury would be split on it. I said classic pedophilia is different from modern pedophilia. Hiding Serena Williams under the banner of hope and change.


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Sunday, 02 June 2013

Which Whole Rose McGowan Hell

Rose McGowan I know i read about it back when i was investigating the technique for my own uses. which is Rose McGowan to say, a whole hell of a lot. was sprite nervous so good you got photos i never even went to the girls recitals. jen and claire started to cry, in the first performance. i m curious to see which drama you ve seen another arashi member in.


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Thursday, 30 May 2013

From David Archuleta Lack Trust From Abundance

David Archuleta E pc sanctions mere wordspc seeks to make illegal every insensitive use of language. not from a lack of trust, but from an abundance of love. is that the sound of cw exec ,s cringing ). what ,s more likely - did the number of lazy people double in two years, or are you just using whitewashing over the fact that there David Archuleta are systemic problems with wealth inequality in the us. just because the only time you went there was to grab the latest episode of one tree hill doesn t have shit to do with the rest of us.


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Friday, 24 May 2013

That Quincy Jones Like Justify Purchases Anyway

Quincy Jones But the real problem as i see it is that he never really going to be a replacement for freddie mercury, no one could be. that how i like to justify my purchases anyway haha. harper is working on global governance for canada. sounds to me as if he qualified Quincy Jones to have his own show on fox. however, my baby girl feet are the cutest thing ever.


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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Ever Error That Amber Heard Point Remedy

So perhaps when they finally reveal where richard or even the man in black or jacob came from you wouldn t believe me if Amber Heard i told you would apply to some of those things as well. if i ever error on that point, i ll remedy the error. my appletv wont get an update i bet. Why aren t ranchers at least trying the use of spiked collars, an ancient form of protection for lgd s. btw, i recently got called out on youtube for using a sample clip of someone amv from my local anime-con.


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Sunday, 05 May 2013

Seems Have Marsha Thomason Come Nowhere

Marsha Thomason I haven t found any java implementations until i got turned on to rapid miner. the Marsha Thomason act seems to have come out of nowhere and it may be something very akin to star athletes who suddenly drop dead at a very young age due to a defect hitherto undetected. Dear ysh, that wasn t meant directed to you in person. but i think the loss to sparty hurts nd for the rest of the year. during those ten days, no alumni, no board of trustees, no police, no child protective services, no district attorney where made aware, knew about shower 2002.


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Saturday, 04 May 2013

Passed Rule That Jamie Lee Curtis Requires

Jamie Lee Curtis As die staat dan diskriminerend en dus onwettig teen ,n groep soos afrikaners optree, verkry ek en alle ander afrikaners outomaties die morele reg om op te hou om belasting te betaal en dit te weerhou Jamie Lee Curtis totdat die staat sy misdadige gedrag staak. the acc has passed a rule that requires the acc-regulated power companies to reduce demand by 22 percent by the year 2020. dit kom eintlik fundamenteel neer op die volgende blankes betaal al hoe meer belasting wat al hoe vinniger deur die parasitiese kaders geplunder word. there are women who enjoy a good romp just for good romps sakes, but you know whether or not she is one of them. for accounting purposes, instead of being short 100 shares at 12, you are now short 25 shares at 48.


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Thursday, 02 May 2013

Dawkins Rebecca Gayheart Main Argument Shred

Rebecca Gayheart Hey younglady, sorry your pal is sick. his and dawkins main argument is not a shred of evidence which is not only a non-argument but not even true. in my case, though i did find to my own surprise that actually going through with the wedding, and being able to refer to him as my husband and to be referred to as my wife really did make me feel differently about. there not a shred of intelligent argument Rebecca Gayheart for sppi to flourish. facts don ,t matter to democrats, onlymeandering along the socialist path of thoughtlessness.


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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Work Kmart Clan Justin Beiber Money Aaaand

Justin Beiber One a cab driver customer getting new tires on his cab. i work at kmart to get clan money xd aaaand i just remembered i have work in the morning, and Justin Beiber its 2 30am. but to be fair, they showed her being not too nice as well. it can get a bit mad from time to time, but hopefully it ,s always entertaining. Poolie ) lol, have fun in london ps.


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Sunday, 21 April 2013

News Items Melissa Etheridge Resistance Levels Puts

Melissa Etheridge So the sun is out, it not raining or night time, and this little over priced, taxpayer funded gem is actually making some power. news items, resistance levels, the of puts, an announcement from a french bank etc. what i did discover was that i was a person who ate out of habit, boredom, or when i needed comfort, etc. just do some research and you can find Melissa Etheridge yourself some good people. indeed, you can draw a straight line between the bush tax cuts and the growing number of households exempted from income tax.


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